Our 30 minute classes will be led by 2 qualified instructors and will help build water confidence through fun activities like interacting with toys and playing specific games.

Each adult and child class will have up to 12 children in the class along with their adult helper so there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new friends, practice sharing of toys and build important social skills.

  • Fun experience for both adult and child
  • Great orientation to the pool environment
  • Relaxed introduction to water within a group environment
  • Encourages adult to work with and have fun with their child in the water
  • Introduces the initial stages of Learn to swim programme in a relaxed, enjoyable way
  • Supervised safe entry into the water with or without parental help, depending on age
  • Introducing various positions for supporting your child in the water
  • Teaching of basic swimming movements and positions
  • Combination of games and fun activities to engage your child
  • Encouraging full face in the water, blowing bubbles
  • Working towards full whole body submerging in the water
  • Practicing safe exit from water with or without help, depending on age
How to book and pay
  • Adult and child lessons are be paid in blocks.
  • All available classes can be viewed and booked using our online booking system.
  • Your child will need an online account with an e-mail address and PIN number to book classes.
  • Visit activestirling.org.uk and click register to create an account
  • Once you have an account and wish to book, please see our short video below, taking you through the process on a mobile device.

Here to help

Contact our customer service team if you need help setting up an account.