Sports Programmes

Climbing, Early Years, Gymnastics, Holiday Club, Learn to Skate, Learn to Swim
Be prepared

All participants should come prepared for all activities with suitable footwear and clothing for activity.


In the event of a cancelled class due to a problem with the facility or staff shortages we will offer a refund or credit note to your child.

Consent and medical information

Consent and medical information must be provided at time of booking – please submit a completed child consent and medical form for each child. Parents must notify us at the time of booking if their child has any additional support needs that the coaches need to be made aware of.

Contact details

Emergency contact details and medical details must be provided at time of booking. Please make sure you tell us if there are any changes to circumstances.


All data collected is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 and is used by Active Stirling in accordance with our privacy policy. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the data we hold for them is up to date and accurate.

Direct debit

All Direct Debits are a legally binding contract between Active Stirling and the Direct Debit payer and represent a commitment to pay all monthly fees due. If a direct debit payment has defaulted, programme space will be cancelled with immediate effect and an administration fee will apply. The attendee will not be permitted to re-join any programme until all due amounts are paid in full.

All correspondence regarding the direct debit will be sent to the direct debit holder.

Entry card

If your child is booked into an activity at The PEAK please remember their PEAK entry card as this will speed up the entry process. If no card then participants must wait in the queue at reception to get an access pass.


All enquiries regarding your child’s activities should be directed to the operations manager on duty or an e-mail can be sent to

Parents/Guardians must never distract the teacher during a lesson. No spectators are allowed on poolside except in special circumstances.


If your child is unwell, we recommend you do not bring them to any of our activities and allow 48 hours for symptoms to pass.

Key fobs

Key fobs will be issued to all users and a photograph for internal use only will be taken on your first visit. Any lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately. A charge will apply for a replacement card. Key Fobs are not transferrable between members or with any customer. Contactless wristbands are available for an extra charge.


From time to time we may film or photograph activities – we will notify you if any filming will be taking place and consent forms will be given to children.

Priority booking

Priority booking for certain programmes will be advertised and will be for those children booked into the programme to enable continuous development. Dates are advertised. If you can’t phone us to rebook during the priority booking period please e-mail


Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances and only if 7 days’ notice is given before the start of the activity. Please email your refund request to


Children must be supervised to and from activities and collected on time from the activity. Active Stirling is only responsible for the child during the booked activity

*Please note - for Bouncing beans (6-21months) and Jumping beans (21months–3 years) an adult must stay with the child in the class. Parents must notify us at the time of booking if their child has any additional support needs that the coaches need to be made aware of.


Pupils can be refused entry to the lesson if they are more than 5 minutes late for a class, as it disrupts the lesson for other pupils.


Please note that the timetables are subject to change and activities may be changed due to coaching resources or venue availability.

Terms and conditions

Active Stirling reserves the right to review their terms and conditions from time to time. Members on the Direct Debit scheme will be given a minimum of 14 day’s notice of any proposed changes.

Active Stirling reserves the right to refuse any application for membership and do not need to give reason(s) for refusal.

For programme correspondence e-mail