We help them learn basic swimming skills on their own, with the option of buoyancy aids if needed. It's all about having fun and exploring the pool while picking up some important swimming know-how.

Encouraging independent movement and establishing an understanding of the basic core aquatic skills, these preschool swimming lessons will help introduce non swimmers to the aquatic environment and provide an understanding of safety in and around the water.

Similar to our adult and child swimming lessons, the classes are 30 minutes long. They take place on a variety of days and times, some at The PEAK and others within our Community swimming pools.

What your child will learn in our preschool swimming lessons

Introduce a variety of entries and exits.

  1. Steps entry and exit
  2. Sit and roll entry
  3. Jump entry
  4. Climb out exit

Move through water in a variety of ways.

  1. Walk, run and jump in shallow water, including changing direction
  2. Rotation around the longitudinal axis (360 degrees)
  3. Regain standing from a floating position front and back

Develop breathing control through both mouth and nose.

  1. Blow ripples or egg flip along surface
  2. Submerge face completely
  3. Bob – consecutive bobs showing complete head submersion and bubbles
  4. Collect objects from the bottom of the pool/steps

Introduce floating in a range of positions to develop body awareness.

  1. A variety of floating position e.g., star float, mushroom float, pencil float, arms by side
  2. Front and back floats

Develop streamlining positions, introduce push, and glide which is fundamental for travelling efficiently through the water.

  1. Vertical standing in streamlined position for 5 seconds
  2. Vertical jumping while holding streamlined position
  3. Introduce push and glide in streamlined position front and back

Introduce the basics of kicking/pulling/swimming, covering exercises on front and back.

  1. Variety of kicks on front and back
  2. Variety of pulling on front and back
  3. Swim with or without buoyancy aids on front and back for 5 metres

How to book and pay

  • Payments for 3 – 5 years preschool swim lessons can be made annually or by direct debit
  • Direct debit is taken on the 1st of each month and payments are split equally across 12 months
  • To enquiry about a space, please complete our online enquiry form which can be found at activestirling.org.uk/learn-to-swim-enquiry