FUNdamentals is a coaching resource created by Active Stirling for teachers and coaches that gives you plenty of ideas on how to deliver sports and activities for children. It’s free to use with plenty of handy tips, games and activity ideas on how to run a session at your lunch or afterschool club.

We’ve created a series of films that show these activities in action with plenty on how to make your session fun, easy to follow and interesting so that everyone wants to take part. Along with the films we’ve developed a useful FUNdamentals guide online which gives you an overview of each game or activity and a link to each film clip.

View our online guide here FUNdamentals

If you’d like a printed copy please ask your Active Schools coordinator.

Hear a bit more about FUNdamentals here from our Active Schools coordinators, parent volunteers and sports leaders who have been using this resource to help plan and deliver their sessions.