Active Stirling is delighted to be hosting their annual Christmas Skate UK Mini Gala at The PEAK.

As part of Active Stirling’s Learn to skate programme, young skaters are in their final weeks of rehearsals for the Skate UK Mini Christmas Gala event, which takes place on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 December.

Our Learn to skate programme is an excellent opportunity for children between 5-16 years to learn the fundamentals of ice skating. Our programme follows the National Governing Body Pathway, developed by BIS (British Ice Skating).

Ice skating is a fun and great sport for children to build their confidence and develop co-ordination skills, learn the basic skills and techniques of skating and perform routines on the ice.

Many skaters began their journey by joining Active Stirling’s Skate UK programme and are now competing at open competitions all over the UK. Skaters have worked hard over the last two months to put together their Christmas-themed routines to showcase some of the skills they have developed during their lessons.

For many, this will be their first performance in front of an audience on the ice. It's an excellent opportunity for everyone in the Skate UK programme to have fun working together and show off the skills they've learned throughout the year. Skate UK Christmas Gala is Active Stirling's fourth year running, and the event has been a success each year. We hope everyone enjoys watching our skaters perform their skills on the ice.

Gary Mackintosh, Active Stirling’s Programme Development Manager

Also performing over the weekend are guest skaters from Stirling New Figure Skating Club and Starlight Synchro.

I’m incredibly proud of the progress our young skaters have made this year. The Christmas show is always a heartwarming experience, watching these dedicated skaters come together to display their skills and share their passion for skating with an audience. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the ice rink for this event where our skaters get to go out and shine!

Rhiannon Scott, Active Stirling’s Skating Co-ordinator

Spectators are invited to come along to The PEAK and support our young skaters as they perform their routines on the ice. The event takes place on Saturday 16 December, 12.15pm-1.25pm and Sunday 17 December, 12.15pm and 1.25pm.

We can't wait to see all the skaters shine and perform their routines on the ice!

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