Learn to skate

Learn to skate programme, with skate lessons suitable for children age 2–16 years, and also for adults 16 years+.
If you’re looking for a new activity to enjoy, try our Learn to skate programme!

Children will have fun on the ice, learn new skating techniques and co-ordination skills. Ice skating is a great activity to help build your confidence on the ice.

Our Learn to skate programme follows the National Governing Body pathway—all lessons will take place on the ice at The PEAK and are suitable for all levels of ability.

We also have adult ice skating lessons now available and suitable for all levels. If you're looking to learn to skate or would like to further develop your ice skating skills, then give our adult ice skating lessons a go.

Snow babies, 2–5 years
Let the littles ones have fun on the ice and practice their balance and co-ordination skills with our snow babies.
Learn to skate, 5–16 years
Enjoy learning basic ice skating skills and techniques with the opportunity to progress through each level.
Adult ice skating 16 years+
Enjoy learning basic ice skating skills and techniques with our fully-qualified Ice Coaches.