Active Stirling recently held its inaugural Secondary Leadership event, drawing over 140 students from all of Stirling’s high schools, at The PEAK, Stirling Sports Village.

Organised by Active Stirling’s Active Schools team, this new initiative aims to equip secondary school students with leadership skills and knowledge, enhancing their extra-curricular activities and preparing them for life beyond school.

Throughout the day, students engaged in various workshops covering topics such as Neurodiversity and Trauma, Fundamentals Coaching, Coaching Academies, and Disability Awareness. In the afternoon, they participated in specialised sports training sessions in Athletics, Dance, Football, or Netball.

The students displayed great enthusiasm and interest, eagerly absorbing the workshop content, and building their skills and confidence. Through these leadership opportunities, they will acquire knowledge and learn to set goals, manage time, prioritise tasks, and enhance their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.


Stirling Council’s Provost, Councillor Elaine Watterson attended the event to engage with the students.

This wonderful event highlighted a real eagerness among Stirling’s young people to develop key skill-sets to equip them for post-school life, whether that’s further education, higher education or the world of work. I’d like to thank the Active Schools staff for organising this event and commend our young people who took part in the sessions. I was struck by their enthusiasm and commitment, and they were all a massive credit to their schools.

Stirling Council's Provost, Councillor Elaine Watterson

We all had a brilliant day. I'm so proud of our fabulous team. Neil Thomson (Active Schools Co-ordinator) has done a fantastic job of leading the event. The young people were focused and ready to learn, they all worked hard. We can all be optimistic, and excited about our future leaders. Huge thank you to the school staff who supported the young people to attend. I want to say a huge thank you to Provost Elaine Watterson. We so appreciate her support and the warmth she brings when engaging with our young people.

Angela Hunter, Active Schools Manager

Active Stirling’s Active Schools Team funded by sportscotland, aims to give every school child in Stirling the opportunity to be active through extra-curricular activity and to create pathways to activities in their local community. We will support people to lead activities for children including parent or community volunteers, young people as sports leaders and school staff.

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