As part of Active Schools annual events programme, Active Stirling hosted Stirling Secondary Schools Netball festival at The PEAK on Wednesday 24 January.

An incredible performance from all Stirling Secondary Schools at the Netball festival. With seven schools, Balfron, Dunblane, McLaren, Queen Victoria, Stirling, St. Modan’s and Wallace High pupils with a combined total of 20 teams, played head-to-head at the annual event.

The event made its debut at The PEAK with the competition designed to help promote netball for all Stirling Secondary pupils. There were over 140 pupils representing seven secondary schools across Stirling. Each school we’re split into 4 groups of 5, played a round robin and the winners from each group played against the second place in another group until the overall winner was crowned.

All the pupils played extremely well and determined to do their best. Each team put their heart and soul into the games, developing in confidence and ability at each stage of the event.

As the teams were all mixed with pupils from S1 to S3 it made all the games very fair and even. The festival was very well contested with great performances from all schools, in the knockout stages we had to play extra time due to teams ending in a draw. Every school really should be delighted with how well they done, having so many pupils in attendance made the event such a huge success.

The festival was very well attended, 20 teams is the largest Netball festival we have had in Stirling. A massive thanks to all the schools who attended and a huge thanks to everyone who helped officiate the matches.

Neil Thomson, Active Stirling’s Active Schools Co-ordinator

Well done to all the schools that took part and to all the pupils who played extremely well with great performances. A big shout to Balfron High who were crowned 'Netball Champions'!

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