Active Stirling's Stirling Secondary Dance Competition Celebrates Talented Dancers

On Wednesday 22 November Active Stirling hosted another successful edition of the Stirling Secondary Dance Competition (SSDC) at The PEAK. Over 150 dancers from St Modan’s, Stirling, Wallace, Bannockburn, Balfron, Dunblane, and McLaren High School came together to showcase their incredible talent and compete in this annual event.

The SSDC is an eagerly anticipated event in the Stirling school’s community, bringing together young and passionate dancers to celebrate their skills and dedication. This year's edition was no exception, as the audience was treated to an impressive display of talent and creativity.

The competition featured various dance styles, including contemporary and modern, highlighting the range of abilities and versatility of the participating students. The dedication and hard work put into their routines were evident, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and entertaining the crowd throughout the event.

Dancers from each school had the opportunity to perform, impressing the judges with their skill and artistry. The competition not only showcased the talents of individuals but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among schools, encouraging friendship and support within the local dance community.

Following the competition, Contemporary and Musical Theatre Workshops were held for the participants. These workshops provided an opportunity for the dancers to learn new techniques and expand their artistic horizons, further enhancing their passion for dance beyond the competition.

Well done to all the dancers that took part in our annual SSDC event! Your dedication and talent were truly remarkable, and you should be immensely proud of your accomplishments. We hope this event has inspired you to continue pursuing your love for dance.

Kim Bruce, Active Schools Coordinator at Active Stirling

Active Stirling would also like to express its gratitude to all the schools, teachers, parents, and supporters for their unwavering encouragement and commitment to the young dancers. Their support played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success.

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