The Active Schools team proudly organised the Stirling Secondary Schools Gymnastics Competition at The PEAK.

Twenty-six pupils from Balfron, McLaren, Wallace, and St Modan’s High Schools participated in their inaugural gymnastics competition of the year, radiating joy and energy afterwards. Each gymnast displayed their skills on both the floor and vault, delivering remarkable performances. From forward and backward rolls to cartwheels, handstands, bridge poses, and various other gymnastic movements, the athletes displayed their versatility.

Gymnastics stands as a formidable sport, embodying attributes such as flexibility, core strength, balance, upper and lower-body strength, power, mental focus, discipline, and dedication, all of which were prominently displayed throughout the competition.

Throughout the competition, each school engaged at various levels.

School performances

Level 2, Balfron High narrowly clinched victory with 48.5 points, just ahead of McLaren High with 48.15 points.

Level 3 witnessed a remarkable leap by Wallace High, scoring an impressive 89.9 points, followed closely by Balfron High at 87.85 and St Modan’s at 85.7.

Both Wallace and Balfron High School have secured spots in the finals and qualify for Scottish Schools.

Individual standout performances were notable across the board.

Level 2, Isla McKay from Wallace High scored 25.7, Jasmin Lochhead from Balfron achieved 25.15, and Reuben San Jose from McLaren High secured 24.2 points.

Level 3, all three pupils from Wallace High School excelled: Lily Featherstone scored an impressive 30.1, Maria McColl achieved 29.8, and Caragh McGhee earned 29.65 points.

It was a great to see all the pupils at our Active Schools Gymnastics competition at The PEAK. Pupils from Balfron, McLaren, Wallace and St Modan’s High school competed against each other on both floor and vault. A big thank you to the Central Gymnastics Academy who both supported and judged the competition. Congratulations to all the gymnasts; it was inspiring to witness so much talent.

Grace Morrison, Active Stirling’s Active Schools Co-ordinator

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Central Gymnastics Academy for their invaluable support and adjudication throughout the event.

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