Our SportAbility programme, funded by sportscotland, is an Inclusive sports and physical activity for school children, young people, and adults with disabilities and additional support needs.

The primary goal of the SportAbility programme is to cultivate a love for sport and physical activity among participants.

We are committed to increasing opportunities through a diverse range of sports and physical activities. Our aim is to create sustainable opportunities, providing training and support to enhance confidence and competence, thereby fostering inclusive environments.

Through our programme, school children, young people, and adults can try various sports, develop their skills, and build their confidence.

We are so grateful to have received this additional resource from sportscotland. It has allowed us to create the SportAbility team who are having a fantastic impact for both young people and adults in Stirling. Creating opportunities, supporting an increase in sport and physical activity participation, providing training and supporting clubs to build their inclusive capacity. I am excited to see what we can achieve over the next year.

Active Schools Manager, Angela Hunter


The SportAbility programme is funded by sportscotland, which has invested in developing new opportunities, promoting joy and fun through physical activity and social connection.

We have established a disability forum that includes representatives from education, social work, Plus, Riverbank Day Centre, and SDS, and young people with disabilities and their family members. We would love for you to join us!


If you would like to join our SportAbility programme, please contact Graham Harvey