Active Stirling Hosts SportAbility Boccia Event Promoting Inclusivity in Sport

On Wednesday 8 November, Active Stirling held a highly successful SportAbility Boccia event at The PEAK in Stirling. The event brought together 87 school-aged pupils from four secondary and four primary schools, showcasing the organisation's commitment to promoting inclusivity in sport.

Boccia is a Paralympic pathway sport that is played from a seated position, providing equal opportunities for individuals with various disabilities. With six blue and six red balls, players aim to get their balls closer to the white Jack ball than their opponents, making it an engaging and highly strategic game.

Watch the action..

The event at The PEAK emphasised the importance of inclusivity and gave young participants the chance to experience the joy and camaraderie that comes with being active and engaged in sports. Active Stirling, a leading organisation dedicated to providing quality sports and physical activity opportunities to individuals of all abilities, recognised the impact that such events can have on participants' confidence, physical health, and overall well-being.

In preparation for the event many of the schools received taster sessions from Active Stirling’s dedicated SportAbility team.

We are thrilled to have organised a SportAbility Boccia event that celebrates diversity and inclusion. By providing a platform for all children, regardless of their abilities, to participate in sport, we are fostering a positive and inclusive environment that benefits our community. The event today was an opportunity for school aged pupils with a disability to demonstrate the skills they have been learning over the past few months. With many games going to a tiebreaker the quality of play was very high. Well done to all players and those who have qualified to represent Stirling at the Forth Valley Disability Sport Regional Boccia Championships held at the PEAK in January 2024. Thank you to the Active Stirling staff, FVDS Branch Coordinator, McLaren High School Young Leaders and SportAbility Boccia volunteers for making the event such a success.

Graham Harvey, SportAbility Coordinator with Active Stirling

Active Stirling aims to continue their commitment to inclusivity in sport and will be actively organising future events that promote accessibility and encourage participation from individuals of all abilities.

Take part

Active Stirling’s SportAbility team deliver weekly Boccia sessions at The PEAK in Stirling on Monday evenings, 4.30pm to 5.30pm for participants of all ages.

For more information about Active Stirling's events and initiatives, please visit their website at For further information regarding disability sport and physical activities please contact Graham Harvey, SportAbility Coordinator. Email