Active Stirling is delighted to announce an exciting upgrade taking place in The PEAK gym.

Over the next few weeks, we’re replacing the existing cardiovascular equipment machines with the latest state-of-the-art models from the renowned fitness equipment manufacturer Life Fitness.

The new equipment includes

  • Top-tier treadmills
  • Stationary bikes
  • Ellipticals and power mills all feature impressive large-screen consoles with the ground-breaking Life Fitness Demand+ platform

The equipment also comes with Hybrid Technology, when users work out at moderate intensity or higher, the energy generated is used to power the consoles, reducing energy drawn from the console by more than 75%.

Life Fitness Demand+ will generate a great fitness experience by granting our members access to over 500 on-demand workouts at The PEAK gym.

This covers a broad spectrum of workouts, including more than 400 instructor-led sessions that cater to varying fitness levels and preferences.

For adventure seekers, there are also over 100 runs set in breath-taking scenery worldwide, where the incline and resistance adjust to mimic the terrain, offering an immersive global fitness journey.


To allow for installation and set-up, sections of The PEAK gym will be temporarily out of action, and the gym capacity will be reduced from Monday 20 November, until Thursday 23 November.

This is necessary to ensure a seamless transition and deliver the best fitness experience once the new Life Fitness equipment is in place.

We will give an update here and our social media channels once all work is complete.

Thanks for your continued support!

Active Stirling