About the Young Ambassadors programme

The Young Ambassadors programme is funded by the National Lottery and is a key element of sportscotland’s contribution to developing young people as leaders in sport. We believe that young people make a meaningful and important contribution as leaders in sport, and that young people should have access to a range of opportunities of leadership roles which reflect their interests and abilities.

Each year two pupils from every secondary school in Scotland can be selected as Young Ambassadors to promote sport, motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in their schools, clubs and local communities.

Meet the team from McLaren High School

The role of a Young Ambassador

At the heart of the Young Ambassador programme is the principle that their views, and those of other young people are heard, valued and influence decision making; and that they are engaged in driving change.

A Young Ambassador has two key roles:

  • to promote sport, and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in a wide range of settings within their local communities, including schools, clubs, and community organisations
  • to influence six key aspects of school sport:
    • extra-curricular sport provision
    • links to community sport opportunities
    • opportunities for competition
    • celebration of pupil achievements in sport
    • leadership opportunities for young people
    • PE in schools
As role models and leaders for other young people, Young Ambassadors can have a pivotal role within their school and wider community.

As an Active Schools Co-ordinator, I have worked with the high school to recruit and support the Young Ambassadors. Two of four YAs started as S3 pupils where they took on a junior YA role and worked predominately with the cluster primary schools. At the start of the last academic year these two pupils helped recruit another two pupils to make the four we now have in S5.

Claire Peebles, Active Stirling, Active Schools Co-ordinator (McLaren)
What do our Young Ambassadors and their teacher say about their experiences?

Ellie Cluett, Young Ambassador Mclaren High School

Rachael Dinwoodie, Young Ambassador Mclaren High School

Rosalind Turnbull, Young Ambassador Mclaren High School

Ryan Mallon, Young Ambassador Mclaren High School

Claire Watson PE teacher, Mclaren High School

The Young Ambassadors work alongside Active Stirling’s Claire Peebles on various projects such as running monthly soccer sevens festival for primary schools, holding virtual Q and A sessions with elite athletes, they have organised a ‘Really Royal Relay Race’ for all the cluster primary schools. Many of these activities are in their own time out of school.

They have also been selected to lead at a national Young Ambassadors conference coming up in September.

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