Curling is a fun and challenging game, combined with physical and mental skills.

Have you always wanted to learn how to curl, but don’t know where to begin?

Our Learn to curl programme is suitable for juniors (age 8 years+) and adults – we have 'try curling' sessions to start with and then if you really enjoyed taking part and would like to understand more of the world of curling you can progress your way up into our Gateway Club. The programme follows the new Skills Award programme developed by Scottish Curling.

Hammy, our Curling Development Officer, British Curling Athlete, Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion for Team Mouat, talks more about our curling pathway, great opportunities we have and deliver at The PEAK for juniors and adults.

If you'd like to learn the world of curling and become a professional curler like him, watch our video below.

My passion for curling and professional curling experience has led me to become a British Curling athlete, Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion, with Team Mouat. I’m delighted to be able to transfer the latest curling standards and training I receive from top level coaches over to the grass root coaches we have here at Active Stirling.

Hammy McMillan, Curling Development Officer
Learn to curl programme can be found here