Our very own Graeme Glen, Active Stirling’s Groundsman, met up with Germinal Amenity grass seed expert Stuart Tait, to discuss the football pitch at Forthbank, where Stirling Albion Football Club play their home games, along with the University of Stirling, women’s teams, and junior teams.

Active Stirling manages Forthbank Performance Sport Centre and Forthbank stadium on behalf of Stirling Council. Our duty of care is to make sure our sports ground is well-maintained which is essential and a key factor for our customers, Stirling Albion and the University of Stirling football players. There are many challenges due to weather conditions, and that’s why Graeme prioritises the ground maintenance and makes sure it’s looking it’s best.

Over the years Graeme has kept the football pitch at Forthbank in excellent condition with his vast knowledge of greenkeeping and is well known in the greenkeeping industry.

To keep the pitch in pristine condition for Stirling Albion and the University of Stirling especially over the winter months, various aeration work is done throughout the year to try and keep water moving through the profile and supported with penetrants. It is satisfying to turn it around and make sure it’s playable for the next fixture. Due to the amount of football games played on the grounds, the pitch fills up fast with Poa annua, which is a 'weed' grass that's very shallow rooting, so it gets kicked out from heavy play. Part of the reason for renovation is to get rid of this and promote a healthy Rye grass sward

Graeme Glen, Active Stirling's Groundsman

Graeme explained that he has used various fertiliser products over the years and has found Germinal A20 mixtures to be the best products he has used so far and is delighted with the result.

Germinal is a market leading company who have expertise in the seed industry to produce quality products. For more details on this case study visit - https://germinalamenity.com/news/football-pitch-maintenance-stirling-albion/

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Note: Image sourced and credited by Germinal Amenity