Active Stirling utilises funding provided by Paths For All to initiate new health walks in Stirling.

Responding to the community's desire for physical activity and outdoor engagement, Active Stirling is expanding its offering with 10 weekly health walks, four of which are set to commence in March.

These additions complement the existing walking group programmes, including the Stirling University Community walk, Walk Forward, and rural Nordic walking.

Weekly health walks take place in various locations across Stirling, including Plean, Bannockburn, Dunblane, Mercat Cross, Fallin, Cornton, Killearn, Raploch, and Riverside.

All walks are free to attend and last approximately 45 minutes, these walks cater to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Active Stirling has also launched the Dunblane Hydro walk, providing physical activity opportunities for Ukrainian refugees residing in the area, fostering their integration within the community.

Additionally, the Riverside walk has been introduced, catering to adults living with disabilities.

Moreover, the walks are inclusive of those living with dementia, who are encouraged to join with their carers, family, or friends, supported by trained Dementia Friendly Walk Leaders. Additionally, individuals with visual impairments or sight loss can participate, facilitated by trained Sighted Guide walk leaders in collaboration with Guide Dog Scotland.

Following each walk, participants are invited to enjoy refreshments and engage in friendly conversation with fellow walkers.

Active Stirling offers a variety of health walks to suit different preferences and capabilities:

  • Stirling University community walks, lasting 1.5 - 2 hours, cater to those seeking a slightly more demanding walk at a gentle pace.
  • Walk Forward walks, tailored for fitter walkers capable of walking for 2 hours (approximately 4/5 miles) at a brisk pace on rougher terrain with inclines.
  • Nordic walking, an enhanced walking technique using specially designed poles to engage the upper body, is offered in rural areas and lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

For further information on all health walks

Walking has many mental and physical health benefits. It can also help you feel part of your community and reduce loneliness and isolation and is a simple, free way of getting more physically active. It’s ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our new health walks have been welcomed in the communities and it's lovely to see the community come together to participate in physical activity. Laura expressed gratitude to Paths for All for their support and funding, enabling the expansion of Active Stirling’s walking programme. We’re always looking for volunteers to help support our walks, if this is something you would like to do, please get in touch.

Laura Taylor, Active Stirling’s Physical Activity Inclusion Officer

All Active Stirling walks are led by qualified volunteers, Community Activations Officers, and Physical Activity and Inclusion Officers. Recently onboarded volunteers have undergone training to become Walk Leaders and have obtained first aid qualifications.

We’d love to hear from you, if you’d like to contribute to Stirling’s community and join us as a Volunteer Walk Leader. Click on the Volunteering icon below

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Active Stirling remains committed to promoting healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity opportunities for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. With a diverse range of classes, programmes, and activities, Active Stirling endeavours to make physical activity accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or ability.