Active Stirling are proud to announce their intergenerational programme used to support University Research Programme.

The benefits of being active no matter your age is at the core of Active Stirling's values and drives a number of programmes in the community.  It is through this work that Active Stirling have been an integral partner in supporting the GOALD Project, a university research programme carried out in partnership between the Universities of Stirling and Plymouth.

Laura Taylor, Active Stirling's Physical Activity Inclusion Officer is at the centre of this work.  Laura and her team provide several opportunities in the community for people to be involved in physical activity, no matter their age, through weekly community strength and balance classes, health walks, in addition to running the Generations Active Together programme (GAT).  

Watch the video below, featuring Laura Taylor, as she leads physical activity sessions within the Stirling community.

It’s been an honour to be involved in the GOALD research programme. Watching the older generation get the opportunity to take part in physical activity whilst trying new digital technology, has been so rewarding and being able to make them happy, enjoy life and lift people’s spirit makes it even more special

Laura Taylor, Active Stirling’s Physical Activity Inclusion Officer

GAT is an intergenerational programme which brings together Senior Sports Leaders from Stirling’s secondary schools with older people residing in care homes and community groups across Stirling and its surrounding communities.  The programme's mission is to break down barriers and perception of teenagers and older people, promote leadership skills in pupils, and provide physical activity to older people by bringing communities together.

As a result of the great work undertaken in these areas Active Stirling was chosen to partner with the Stirling arm of the Generating Older Active Lives Digitally (GOALD) research programme, recruiting, engaging and supporting participants in the activities and use of technologies being studied.  The research element of the programme has now successfully completed; however, the positive results of involvement are still apparent.

Dr Simone Tomaz, GOALD researcher, Stirling University

To use the modern equipment, and to see and understand how it was brought together was, and there are no other words, truly an honour. That is how we felt going through this experience. Thank you for having us. Special mention to Laura from Active Stirling, who arranged our involvement through her Strength and Balance class, and we would also want to thank Simone Tomaz from the GOALD project whose care and consideration helped enormously in giving us the excitement and enjoyment.

Graham & Edna Sinclair, Active Stirling members & GOALD participants

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