Active Stirling is pleased to announce its support for the White Ribbon Scotland Campaign. The campaign aims to inspire self-reflection, dialogue, and action among men to work towards ending violence against women in our society.

The White Ribbon Campaign provides a powerful platform for men to engage in conversations surrounding gender-based violence. By encouraging self-examination and dialogue, the campaign aims to challenge existing norms and transform them into positive support systems that protect and empower women.

Active Stirling joins key organisations across the region as part of the White Ribbon Steering Group for Stirling in the campaign. Joining hands with esteemed organisations including the University of Stirling, Forth Valley College, Stirling Council, Police Scotland, and NHS Forth Valley. Together, they strive to build a community that fosters equality, respect, and safety for all.

As a committed member of the White Ribbon Steering Group, Active Stirling acknowledges the importance of endorsing and participating in initiatives that promote gender equality and stand against violence towards women. Through its extensive reach in the community, Active Stirling hopes to amplify the campaign's message and inspire more men to take an active role in creating lasting change.

We are delighted to support the White Ribbon Scotland Campaign. By standing together with other organisations in the region, we support Stirling as the first Local Authority in Scotland to achieve White Ribbon status. We would encourage men to make a pledge that violence against women is unacceptable and to visit the White Ribbon Scotland website to do so.

Dougie Porteous, Interim Head of Sport, Physical Activity, and Inclusion at Active Stirling

Active Stirling will actively participate in the campaign by promoting awareness through its various channels, training, and engaging community members in meaningful discussions. By leveraging the organisation's influence in the sports and leisure sector, Active Stirling aims to encourage individuals to actively contribute towards ending violence against women.

Make a pledge

To find out more about the White Ribbon Scotland Campaign or to make a pledge please visit

White Ribbon Scotland is an educational organisation that aims to encourage reflection and discussion that leads to action among men to end violence against women. It states that most men do not commit violence against women, but that all men have a role in ending it.

Representatives from the University of Stirling and the White Ribbon Scotland Steering Group for Stirling. Far left - Davy Thompson (White Ribbon Scotland), fifth from the right - Professor Sir Gerry McCormac (University of Stirling), second from right - Dougie Porteous (Active Stirling), Furthest right - Councillor Martin Earl (Stirling Council).