The PEAK pool opening times

The swimming pools at The PEAK opening times are:

  • Monday–Thursday: 6.00am–9.00pm
  • Friday: 6.00am–7.00pm
  • Saturday: 7.00am–5.00pm
  • Sunday: 8.00am–5.00pm

PLEASE NOTE: block bookings and our Learn to swim programmes may restrict public use at certain times. Please see pool availability below.

Public swimming prices


Public swimFREE£6.50£3.50FREE£4.50
Public shower



Please note - check our adult and child ratio below before you book your swim.

Swim village lockers

Our swim village lockers require a padlock, these can be purchased from The PEAK reception for £3.00 for a combination padlock or £4.50 for a padlock with keys. For our customers that wish to loan a padlock we can assist with a refundable deposit of £4.50 on the day, please do return with your receipt as this will be required to obtain a refund.

Main pool swim times
DaySwim sessionTimesNo. of lanes
MONDAYLane swimming6.00am–3.00pm &
min 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–9.00pmmin 1/3 pool
TUESDAYLane swimming6.00am–3.00pmmin 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–6.00pmmin 1/3 pool
POOL CLOSED6.00pm–9.00pmwhole pool
WEDNESDAYLane swimming6.00am–3.00pm &
min 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–9.00pmmin 1/3 pool
THURSDAYLane swimming6.00am–3.00pm
& 6.00pm–7.00pm
min 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–7.00pmmin 1/3 pool
POOL CLOSED7.00pm–9.00pmwhole pool
FRIDAYLane swimming6.00am–3.00pmmin 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–7.00pmmin 1/3 pool
POOL CLOSED7.00pm–9.00pmwhole pool
SATURDAYPOOL CLOSED7.00am–8.00amwhole pool
Lane swimming8.00am–9.00am &
min 1 lane
Recreational swimming9.00am–5.00pmmin 1/3 pool
SUNDAYLane swimming8.00am–5.00pmmin 1 lane
Recreational swimming8.00am–5.00pmmin 1/3 pool

Teaching pool swim times

The teaching pool is the middle training pool and is usually set at 1.2m depth unless stated otherwise.

DayTimesPool area

6.00am-9.00am & 12.00pm-1.00pm

Full pool


1/4 pool

Full pool

TUESDAY6.00am-9.00amFull pool
9.00am-10.00am & 3.00pm-5.00pm1/4 pool
7.00pm-9.00pmFull pool
WEDNESDAY6.00am-9.00amFull pool
9.00am-12.00pm1/2 pool
12.00pm-1.00pmFull pool
3.00pm-6.30pm1/4 pool
6.30pm-9.00pmFull pool


6.00am-9.00amFull pool
9.00am-12.00pm & 1.00pm-3.00pm1/2 pool
6.00pm-9.00pmFull pool
FRIDAY6.00am-9.00am Full pool
SATURDAY7.00am-9.00amFull pool
9.00am-12.30pm1/4 pool
12.30pm-5.00pmFull pool
SUNDAY8.00am-9.00amFull pool
9.00am-12.00pm1/4 pool
12.00pm-5.00pmFull pool
Baby pool swim times

The confidence pool has water features suitable for babies and toddlers under 8 years. The pool will be unavailable to the public on:

  • Fridays 7.00pm–9.00pm
  • Saturdays 5.00pm onwards

During school holidays the timetable may be subject to change. Please contact The PEAK before your visit or see our website for more details.

Photography is not permitted within the swimming pool or the swimming pool viewing areas of The PEAK.

In the interest of safety and hygiene, please shower before entering the pool, and encourage any children to use the toilet before swimming.

Swim Nappies must be worn by non-toilet trained children. These are available for purchase at reception.

1. Choose the right lane
Before you enter the pool, take a look at the lanes and choose one that has swimmers working at the same pace as you.

2. Wait your turn
Give swimmers the chance to turn and push off before you enter the lane. Dangle your legs in first to let others know you're there.

3. Switch lanes if the pace isn't right
If swimmers are swimming faster or slower than you, be willing to switch to a more suitable lane.

4. Be respectful of space
The beauty of public swims is the varying skill levels of swimmers. Always be respectful of others' abilities and allow plenty of personal space.

5. Leave room when pushing off
Don't push off right behind another swimmer. Give them a good 5 meters of space first. Likewise, don't push off directly in front of a faster swimmer.

6. Go with the flow
Always follow the directional arrows on lane signage. Swim on one side going down the lane and the other side coming back.

7. Give way
Rest in the corner of the lane when taking a break so that other swimmers can turn and push off.

8. Overtaking
If a swimmer wishes to overtake, let them do so. If the lane is too busy to allow someone to pass, let them overtake when you reach the end of the pool.

9. Proceed with caution
Always overtake with caution. Take care to avoid collisions.

Adult:Child supervision ratio

A responsible adult over the age of 16 may accompany up to 2 children if one of the children is aged 3 or under. A responsible adult over the age of 16 may accompany 3 children aged between 4 and 7. If a child cannot support themselves in an upright position e.g. by wearing armbands then the adult supervision ratio must be reduced to 1:1. This will apply particularly with new-born babies.