Chlorine supplies for the pools at The PEAK

You may be aware from the media over the last few months, that there has been a severe national shortage of chlorine, which is the essential chemical needed to retain high water quality in swimming pools. This current chlorine shortage caused by disrupted UK supply chains has meant that other operators have already had to close temporarily and limit their available pool sessions.

So far, we’ve managed to avoid doing so at The PEAK pools and over the last few months we’ve made various proactive changes to our chlorine filtration system to try and protect the supplies we had and the supplies available. However, as the national chlorine supply crisis very much remains, we now have to revise our pool timetable so we can try and hold on to the limited supply we have of chlorine for as long as possible as we wait for new deliveries, which continue to be unpredictable.

From Thursday 21 July the pools at The PEAK will close slightly earlier for public swimming and operate at the following times: -

Monday 6.00am-7.00pm

Tuesday 6.00am-9.00pm

Wednesday 6.00am-7.00pm

Thursday 6.00am-9.00pm

Friday 6.00am-7.00pm

Saturday 8.15am-4.00pm

Sunday 9.00am-3.00pm

These changes have been deliberately chosen based on existing attendance to limit disruption for public swimming as much as possible. All other PEAK pool activities, programmes and classes will run as normal at their regular times.

Please make sure you always shower before you use the pools. You should shower before swimming to remove any debris or dirt from you so that the chlorine doesn’t need to work as hard to create good water quality.

We’ve also operationally made changes to the pool plant settings to safely manage and preserve chlorine supply as best we can.

We have been monitoring stock, delivery, and consumption for several months now and we will continue to do so. We are doing all we can in these difficult circumstances to try and make sure we don’t run out of chlorine and avoid facing temporary pool closure, but unfortunately the supply chain and its challenges continue to be out with our control.

Please follow news on our website, app, and social media for further updates.

Many thanks