Join us for a 9-week Autumn block of PEAK FIT Camp! Our instructors will ensure you are fighting fit as the temperature drops and the nights get long.

PEAK FIT Camp is a brilliant way to make sure you're in shape for the festive parties or improve your health to keep coughs and colds at bay.

This weekly coaching programme combines fat burning, toning and nutrition and is led by our experienced instructors, Andy and Dawn.


ANDY’s camp is now open for anyone aged 12yrs+ to book, if they are accompanied by an adult.

This is a great option for parents and children looking for something active to do together!

What’s included
  • Weekly check-in with your instructor
  • Two weekly outdoor fitness classes at The PEAK
  • Two weekly online fitness classes to do at home: Absolute Glutes (lower body toning) and Hard-Core (abs toning and core training)
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • PEAK FIT Camp community: closed Facebook group to share motivation, encouragement and questions
  • Additional tailored home workouts if required

We have two camps available to book - one with Dawn and one with Andy. You can only attend the two weekly classes at The PEAK included in your PEAK FIT Camp due to the Scottish Government restrictions.

Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK:

  • Thursday: 6.00pm–6.30pm (HIIT)
  • Sunday: 8.45am–9.30am (Toning Circuit)

Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK:

  • Tuesday: 6.00pm–6.45pm (Toning Circuit)
  • Saturday: 9.00am–9.30am (HIIT)

ANDY’s camp is open for anyone aged 12yrs+ to book, if they are accompanied by an adult.

DAWN’s camp is not suitable for under 16s.


£67.50 per person for a 9-week programme

Never too late to join - Customers can join a block part way through and pay pro rata £7.50 per week for the remainder of a block.


Book PEAK FITCAMPs online here Active Stirling online bookings

PEAK FITCAMPs can be found using the ‘advanced search’ section. Unfortunately PEAK FITcamps cannot be booked on our app.

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