As you may know, all classes and sessions at The PEAK need to be booked online before you visit. This includes gym, swim and climb sessions, in addition to outdoor fitness classes.

We won’t be a walk in facility for a while so as we move through restriction levels and increase the activities, in line with customer feedback, we’ve changed the 7 days rebooking time on our app and online from the previous 12am (midnight) to 9pm each night so that it’s a better time for everyone to rebook including family activities, such as swimming.

This means that every evening from 9pm, you’ll be able to book in advance for classes and sessions for the following 7 days.

Our ALL IN memberships will be unfrozen automatically from Monday 26 April (with direct debit collections not starting until 1 June) which means if you’d like to book in for an outdoor class, gym, swim or climb (as a registered climber) as part of your membership, you can do that from 9pm this Sunday 25 April. We’re sorry that due to system limitations if you book before then for next week, the pay-as-you-go £5 per class/session applies.

Many thanks

Active Stirling