Legs, bums, and tums

Legs, bums, and tums is a full body aerobic workout that aims to tone up your thighs, bum, and stomach, and is great for those who want to tone or simply improve their fitness levels.

Intensity - moderate

Workout type - Cardiovascular


Work your legs through lunges, step aerobics and all sorts of simple moves whether you’re standing or air-cycling on the floor.


Tone your bum using squat exercises, great for building strength and toning up your thighs and bottom.


Get down on the floor and do those tough crunches to give your abs a good workout.


The PEAK studio 1

Class duration

45 minutes

Days & Times

Friday 8.15am-9.00am


Nikki Leeks


FREE for members

£7.50 for adult

£5 for junior and concession

Under 16s

This class is suitable for Junior members 14 years+


  • Full body aerobic & toning workout
  • Increases your stamina and endurance
  • Builds your strength
  • Increases flexibility / mobility
  • A great workout for burning calories

An enjoyable exercise

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