New jump into gymnastics programme in partnership with Scottish gymnastics. Delivered by our highly qualified gymnast coaches — your child will learn the basic gymnastic techniques including balancing, co-ordination and so much more. Whilst also increasing flexibility and body strength.

Our jump into gymnastics classes will continue to work through the Scottish gymnastics award scheme, to allow children to progress through each level in a fun and friendly environment.

Location - The PEAK sports hall

Duration - 60 minutes

Days and times (for 5–7 years)
  • Monday 4.30pm–5.30pm (starts 25 April) (excludes 2 may)
  • Tuesday 3.45pm–4.45pm (starts 19 April) (excludes 3 may)
  • Wednesday 3.45pm–4.45pm (starts 20 April) (excludes 4 may)
Days and times (for 8 years+)
  • Monday 5.35pm–6.35pm (starts 25 April) (excludes 2 may)
  • Tuesday 4.50pm–5.50pm (starts 19 April) (excludes 3 may)
  • Wednesday 4.50pm–5.50pm (starts 20 April) (excludes 4 may)

£58.50 for 9 weeks (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) or £52 for 8 weeks (Mondays)


5 years+

An eight- or nine-week block of jump into gymnastics classes for children aged 5 years+, starts Tuesday 19 April –Wednesday 22 June (excludes 2 to 4 may)