On Monday 3 January, we launch a new single pay monthly unlimited all inclusive membership at The PEAK for only £25pp/month.

This new membership means that we won’t be selling any new ALL IN memberships from 15 December — but if you have an existing ALL IN group or other type of ALL IN membership you can stay with this for as long as you wish.

Please note
that for ALL IN group memberships however the group admin and all group member names must stay the same — any changes to this and the group membership will be closed, with the option for all members to transfer over to the new £25 individual membership.

We’ve emailed all our members to advise you of what this change means for you and the type of membership you have.

Here’s a quick overview:

Your membership of £84 per month with same group admin and same four group will stay the same until your group admin or group members leave.

Or as group admin/members you can opt to change over to the new £25 single membership by Wednesday 16 December.

If you'd like to change your group membership please advise your group admin and group members first then you can do so here.

JUNIOR MEMBERSYour existing memberships stays at £21pp/month until you cancel it.
£38 SINGLE ADULT MEMBERSYour membership monthly direct debit will adjust to £25pp/month from January.
£67 JOINT MEMBERSYour joint £67 monthly direct debit will adjust to £50 per month from January.

Your monthly direct debit will adjust to £25 per month from January.

Concession memberships will adjust to £25 per month from January.