An eight- or nine-week block of jump into gymnastics classes for children aged 5 years+, starts Tuesday 19 April –Wednesday 22 June (excludes 2 to 4 may)

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NEW Jump into Gymnastics programme in partnership with Scottish Gymnastics. Delivered by our highly qualified gymnast coaches — your child will learn the basic gymnastic techniques including balancing, co-ordination and many more. Whilst also increasing flexibility and body strength.

Our Jump into Gymnastics classes will continue to work through the Scottish Gymnastics Award scheme, to allow children to progress through each level in a fun and friendly environment.


  • They'll develop key techniques and core skills of balancing, co-ordination and jumping
  • Increase their flexibility and body strength
  • Children will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and work up to higher moves and skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, vaulting and more
  • A great way to meet new friends, build confidence and interact socially
Points to note:
  • All sessions must be pre booked online in advance
  • A medical/consent form will be needed when you book or when you are booked in. We will send you an email to complete the form prior to the class starting
  • Please make sure you accompany children to the sports hall at pick up and drop off times
  • The first block is for 9 weeks — you will be given the option to rebook the next block 3 weeks before the end of the current block

Terms and conditions apply.