During the 10 weeks, you’ll be coached and instructed personally by your chosen instructor, along with one-to-one nutrition plans and advice, and weekly outdoor FITCAMP adult fitness classes. You will also access two online classes for you to do at home to boost your training.

  • Weekly check-in with your instructor
  • Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK (indoor/outdoor depending on local restrictions)
  • Two weekly online fitness classes to do at home: Absolute Glutes (lower body toning and Hard-Core (abs toning and core training)
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • PEAK Fitcamp community: closed Facebook group to share motivation, encouragement and questions
  • Additional tailored home workouts if required

We have three camps available to book—one with Dawn, one with Andy and one with Alix. You can only attend the two weekly classes at The PEAK included in your PEAK FIT Camp due to the Scottish Government restrictions.

Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK:

  • Thursday: 6.00pm–6.30pm (HIIT)
  • Sunday: 8.45am–9.30am (Toning Circuit)

Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK:

    • Tuesday: 6.00pm–6.45pm (Toning Circuit)
    • Saturday: 9.00am–9.30am (HIIT)

Two weekly fitness classes at The PEAK:

  • Thursday: 5.15pm–5.45pm HIIT
  • Sunday: 9.45am–10.30am (Toning circuit)


PEAK Fitcamp is £75 per person for a 10-week programme. Or pro rata £7.50 per week for remainder of a block.

Only 30 places per group–our next block of PEAK Fitcamps will start on Monday 19 April.

This camp is NOT suitable for under 16s

If you have any queries regarding PEAK FITCAMP, email our instructors below.

Andy Ferguson
Dawn Ferguson

Alix Robertson

I’ve enjoyed the variety of workouts whether online or outdoors. Andy does a mixture of HIIT and toning which helps to focus on technique not speed. I like the timing of outdoor classes.