Encourage your child to play and learn how to swim in their early years will help build their confidence. Learn how to move and handle your child safely in the water and play games will make a great start to your child’s swimming journey.

An adult must be able to go in the water with their children. Each adult and child class will have up to 12 children each accompanied by an adult with two teachers taking the class.

  • Fun experience for adult and child
  • General orientation to the pool environment
  • Introduction to water
  • Encourage adult to work with child
  • Initial stages of Learn to Swim
  • Supervised safe entry into the water with or without parental help, depending on age
  • Various positions for supporting child in water
  • Various basic swimming movements and positions
  • Various games and fun activities
  • Face in water blowing bubbles
  • Submerging whole body in water
  • To make safe exit from water with or without help, depending on age

Early years classes

Adult and baby 6–12 months
Adult and toddler 1–2 years
Adult and child 2–3 years
  • Each class is 30 minutes
  • Ratios approximately 1:12


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£18.50 per month direct debit based on a minimum of 34 lessons a year

  • Monday 25 April – Saturday 18 June (8 weeks)
  • Monday 22 August – Saturday 8 October (7 weeks)
  • Monday 24 October – Saturday 17 December (8 weeks)
  • Monday 9 January – Saturday 25 March (9 weeks) ** Exclusion Monday 13 to Saturday 18 February
  • Monday 17 April to Saturday 24 June 2023 (10 weeks)
How to book and pay

Adult and child lessons can be paid in blocks.

All available classes can be viewed and booked using our online booking system.

Your child will need an online account with an e-mail address and PIN number to book classes.

Contact our customer service team if you want help setting up an account.