Suitable for all ability levels, our learn to skate programme follows the National Governing Body pathway and guides you through learn to skate badges 1-8.

Our expert coaches will make sure you do this in a safe learning environment.

Once you have completed badge 8 you will graduate into our advanced skate star programme which takes you through bronze, silver and gold levels.

What badge/level should I book?

Badges 1-3 will provide you with the fundamental skills for skating. You will learn how to move forwards and backwards on the ice, as well as how to stop and how to get back up again safely if you fall. You will progress to gliding movements and also try some skills on one foot. If you have never had a skating lesson before, we advise you to book on to Badge 1.

Badges 4-8 are for those who have achieved, or are an equivalent standard to, Badge 3 or above. By this stage, you should be proficient in skating forwards and backwards with ease. Here you will learn and develop new and exciting skills.

Skate Star Bronze, Silver & Gold sessions are for those who have achieved Skate UK Badge 8, or an equivalent level. Here you will learn more advanced skills and balance techniques on the ice. This is an introductory level for those who wish to learn to jump and spin.

Current 4 week block
1-3Saturday23 October - 13 November12.15pm-1.15pm
4-8 & skate starSaturday23 October - 13 November1.25pm-2.25pm
1-3Sunday24 October - 14 November12.15pm-1.15pm
4-8 & skate starSunday24 October - 14 November1.25pm-2.25pm



£26 per person for a 4-week programme

What to wear?
  • Warm, loose fitting clothing
    • Tracksuit bottoms/joggers/leggings
    • Warm jumpers (hoodie)
    • Gloves (If you think you’ll be cold)