Come and try outdoor rock climbing this summer and enjoy the real experience outdoors.

Challenge yourself as you tackle new routes and scale new heights on real outdoor rocks. This is a 1-day wild adventure to learn safe practice on climbing outdoors, explore and climb on cliffs and try some abseiling. Suitable for beginners age 10–14 years.

Outdoor rock climb adventure

This outdoor adventure session is suitable for children age 10–14 years who are new to climbing or who have already got some climbing experience. We will introduce safe practice at an outdoor cliff, try climbing routes with varying difficulties and try some abseiling. Each session is led by our highly experience Climbing Instructors.

Dates and costs





Thursday 14 July


£40.00 per day10–14 yearsMeet at FortbankThursday 23 June

Thursday 28 July

9.30am–4.30pm£40.00 per day10–14 yearsMeet at ForthbankThursday 23 June
Thursday 11 August9.30am–4.30pm£40.00 per day10–14 yearsMeet at ForthbankThursday 23 June
  • Trainers or equivalent
  • Comfortable leisure wear
  • Tracksuit bottoms, joggers or shorts
  • No dresses/skirts as these will impede harness fitting

Climbing equipment will be supplied by Active Stirling however, if you have your own harness etc, this can be used once the instructor has assessed and advised it is safe to use.

Please meet at Forthbank — a minibus will take the kids to and from each climbing destination.

Please note — there will be no toilets when we are outdoors.

How to book

Each outdoor adventure must be pre-booked online in advance.

Book online