F. Under 16s

When can under 16s use the gym and attend fitness classes again?
From Monday 14 September, children aged 12–15 years will have access to gym sessions on Thursday’s between 4.30pm and 5.30pm and on Sunday’s between 11am and 12pm.
Children aged 14–15 years can book into the following fitness classes Bodyweight Circuits, Cardio Fitness, Velocity and Velocity Blast.

How much does it cost for Under 16s to attend the Gym & Fitness Classes?
Junior ALL IN members with a LIVE membership subscription can attend the classes and gym times listed above as part of their membership. Alternatively, the pay-as-you-go charge is £5 per gym session or fitness class.

How do Under 16s book?
All activities must be booked online and in advance. There is no option to book and pay at The PEAK. You can book from the Active Stirling website or from the app. If you already have the app and used it to book classes before the shutdown then you’ll be able to use it to book activities again once we open for bookings. You must be a registered user to book and have your pin.

Do under 16s access the gym at the same way as adults?
Yes, under 16’s will access the gym via the same way as adults however they will be allocated a wristband on entry to the facility to ensure our team members are aware they are under 16.

Do Under 16s have to be accompanied by an adult?
No, under 16s do not have to be accompanied by an adult.