E. Swimming



Public Swimming Questions:

Q. I would like to come for a swim. How do I book in to a session in the swimming pool?

Public swimming sessions will be available to book via the PEAK App and you will be able select a time slot and lane preference (Fast, Medium or Slow) based on your swimming ability.  There will be 4 spaces available per lane at each time slot. You must have an online booking account. Lane swimming is for competent swimmers aged 8 and over. Sessions last 1 hour and that includes changing time.

Q. How do I book my family in for a session at the swimming pool?

A family or group can hire a third of the teaching pool which will also allow them to access the confidence pool. Only 2 of the 3 sections will have ladder access. It’s a maximum of 5 people in each third and they must comply with the current rules around distancing and max households and our pool admission ratio. Physical distancing must be adhered to at all times within the confidence pool in particular. Sessions last 1 hour and that includes changing time.

Q. I am nervous about returning to the swimming. What measures have you put in place to keep me safe?

We have followed the guidance from the Scottish Government and Scottish Swimming to ensure the safe return of swimming at the PEAK and have implemented specific COVID 19 safety measures to safeguard our team members and customers.  Initially, public sessions will be limited to double lane swimming in the main pool with a reduced capacity of only 12 swimmers to ensure adequate distancing.  Swimmers will be encouraged to attend ‘Beach Ready’ to ensure there is minimal time spent in the changing areas and all areas with be sanitised and disinfected after each session.  We have no mixed user groups during our sessions so public sessions and club sessions will be kept apart.

Q. Will I be able to check how busy the pool is before I book in?

The availability for each session will be able to view on the APP but there will only be a maximum of 12 swimmers in the main pool and 15 recreational swimmers across the teaching pool and confidence pool at any one time

Q. Are we allowed to shower after a swim?

The showers between the changing village and poolside will be in operation for pre and post swim hygiene only and we encourage all swimmers to leave the changing village as quickly as possible to allow for adequate disinfecting and cleaning before the next session.

Q. Will lockers be available for use?

Lockers are not available for use and swimmers are encouraged to leave their clothes in the changing cubicle and all valuables should be left at home. A member of staff will lock your cubicle when you are ready to go to the pool. There will be no other public access to the changing village during the swimming sessions

Q. Will I be able to purchase a swim nappy onsite?

There is no opportunity to purchase any goods within the facility so swim nappies should be purchased in advance of the session from an external source but must still be worn by all non-toilet trained children

Club Swimming Questions:

Q.  We have been advised of your reduced opening hours when you initially reopen and have reserved a small amount of space.  Will you advise us when we may be able to increase this?

We will liaise directly with clubs should there be any changes to the operational hours that may provide an opportunity for increased pool space

Q. Do Active Stirling have with specific procedures post COVID that they wish us to follow which we can share with our members?

Clubs are expected to have their own COVID Officers and internal procedures that will need to be audited and approved prior to booking pool space and all clubs will be expected to adhere to the facility COVID 19 control measures in place.

Q. Can my club organise a walk through of the facility before our first session?

We plan on updating our own video walk through of the facility set up prior to the pool re-opening but we will also aim to support clubs who wish to experience the facility set up prior to the first session and will liaise with club contacts directly on this.

Q. Will the spectator gallery be open/made available to us?

There will be no spectators allowed in the first stage and the gallery will remain closed to the public

Q. We have swimmers who attend with carers and we pay for these on the day. Will we be able to do this?

All bookings and financial transactions will be done via the APP or in advance through our bookings team but we will work with clubs to provide a solution for this request

Q. Is Active Stirling or the Club responsible for the cleaning of equipment after use?

There will be no pool equipment available for use during sessions but Active Stirling will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all the relevant areas between sessions

Q. Will the hoist be available?


Q. Are swimmers able to use the shower area?

The showers between the changing village and poolside will be in operation for pre and post swim hygiene only and we encourage all swimmers to leave the changing village as quickly as possible to allow for adequate disinfecting and cleaning before the next session.

Q. We have been advised that you cannot have more than one club sharing the same space. Will we therefore have to pay for exclusive use of the area even if only use the same space as before?

Clubs will be advised on the pricing at the time of booking and this will be in line with previous pricing and there will be no expectation that clubs will need to pay for the exclusive use

Learn to swim:

Q. What safety measures are in place?
A. Bookings must be made in advance to ensure that only the people we can safely accommodate can participate. Swimmers will have their own cubicle. The PEAK is operating in zones so as to reduce the risk of transmission between areas. Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures are in place across the facility and we have invested in specialist equipment to disinfect equipment and activity areas between every session. Participants will have their own changing cubicle which will be locked over for the duration of your child’s lesson.
Q. Do you hold a waiting list?
A. No, we do not hold a waiting list. Places will be booked on a first come, first served basis.
Q. What type of lessons will be available to book and how long is each lesson?
A. We will have a range of lessons available from preschool up to swim skills 4.
Q. How do I know what level to book my child into?
A. You can still log into the home portal and check the level your child was previously at. As it is highly unlikely that your child will have progressed over the past 6 months please book them into the same level they were at before. If spaces aren’t available at their level please do not book them into another, it is very unsafe and can really affect a child's confidence in the water. If you do book into the wrong level it is unlikely there would be space in another level and no refund would be given.
Q. How do I book my child in to a swimming lesson?
A. All bookings must be made in advance using our online booking system. Your child will need an online account to book (children who have previously been in the programme will have existing accounts) and you’ll require the PIN number for your child’s account. If you haven’t booked anything with us before then you’ll need to register for free and create a new login, which you can do here. If your child has previously been in the programme and you’ve forgotten/don’t know your child’s login details or wish to reset the PIN you can do so by clicking here. Bookings cannot be made via the app.
Q. My child is booked in, what should I expect when I take them to The PEAK?
A. You should arrive at the main entrance at The PEAK at least 5 minutes before the lesson is due to start. You will queue outside the main entrance on the 2m markers. Please ensure that all adults – who are not exempt – wear a mask for their visit. A member of staff will open the main doors and confirm you are booked in. You will then make your way to the changing village and get your child changed quickly in a cubicle. Once you are ready to go to poolside a member of staff will lock your cubicle over. Accompanying adults should put blue shoe covers on before going to poolside (available beside the pre swim showers). Adults are asked to wait on poolside on the benches provided and to maintain a 2m distance from others during the lesson. When the lesson is over the teacher will indicate to you to make your way to the changing rooms with your child. Your child can quickly rinse before going to their cubicle to change. Once ready you will exit The PEAK by the main doors.
Q. Can I leave the building whilst my child is in their swimming lesson
A. No, parents/guardians are expected to wait on poolside during the lesson. We are not a walk-in facility and keeping the main doors closed is an integral part of our Covid-safe plans for now. After we admit an activity group (e.g. swim lesson participants or spin class) we disinfect all touchpoints in the entry area to effectively reset for the next activity group arriving. We may become a walk-in facility during the course of the 8-week block and only at that point will we be in a position to allow parents and guardians to come and go. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Q. When should my child arrive for their lesson?
A. You should arrive at The PEAK main entrance (Zone 1) about 5 minutes before your session. There will be no late entry – the doors will close at the start of the session. Please wait for a PEAK team member to open the main door and check you in.

Q. Do I need to wear a mask when in the facility?
A. Please follow Scottish Government regulations in relation to the use of face coverings. For Parents/Guardians who will be in attendance on poolside for the duration of the lessons, a face covering should be worn at all times.
Q. Can I take a photo of my child while I’m at the pool?
A. No, photography is strictly prohibited on poolside and in changing rooms. 

Q. What is the cost of a lesson and how do I pay for this?
A. During the October – December block, lessons cost £5.00 per class and the 8 week block therefore costs £40.00 which must be paid at the time of booking.
Q. Why can’t my children get booked in at the same time
A. We have made every effort to put on a range of levels at the same time however spaces are limited, and we cannot provide lessons for all at this time.
Q. Why wasn’t my child guaranteed a space because they were in the last block
A. Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up where we left off before the Coronavirus outbreak. We do not have access to the school swimming pools and so there will unfortunately be many children who cannot continue their lessons just now. We too are disappointed, and our teachers are eager to return to lessons but for now we can only offer limited spaces at The PEAK. For that reason, we have decided to run this as an isolated block and the next block after we have access to the high schools will see us return to our normal swimmer progression.
Q. Why aren’t the disability swimming lessons starting back now?
A. Due to the Scottish Swimming guidelines regarding teaching swimming, our swimming teachers will not be allowed in the pool to help support children during their lesson. We have emailed all parents of swimmers who have participated in lessons in the past year with details of how they can return to swimming lessons. For example, if your child does need support in the water then the parent/guardian can come in to the water as their carer to support them during the lesson. Our teachers will be able to demonstrate the best ways to hold your child safely in the water.  

Q. Are Direct Debits to remain on hold? When will these restart?
A. Direct Debits will remain frozen until we can increase the capacity of the swimming programme across multiple venues.

Q. How are you keeping your changing areas clean?
A. Enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures are in place across the facility and we have invested in specialist equipment to disinfect equipment and activity areas between every session.

Q. Are children expected to shower before they enter and once they exit the Pool?
A. Yes. Only the pre-swim showers which are located at the entrance to the pool hall will be available for participants to ‘rinse off’ before and after their lesson.

Q. Will lockers be available?
A. Lockers are not available but your cubicle will be locked for you before you go to poolside and once you are finished your lesson.

Q. Will children have access to toilet facilities in the pool changing area?
A. Toilets are available within the changing village however we would ask customers to use the toilet at home before travelling to reduce transmission risks.
Q. Will children be sharing floating support devices such as woggles or floats? If so, how will you ensure they are kept clean?
A. Minimal equipment will be used but where required each piece of equipment will be submerged in the chlorinated pool water after each use.
Q. You mention that there will be an adapted programme initially. How will places be decided?
A. As we are currently unable to operate the learn to swim programme close to previous capacity, the block of swimming lessons running from October – December will be a standalone block that is separate to our previous programme and is open to anyone on a first come, first served basis.
Q. Why are there so few spaces available in your learn to swim programme and when will you be increasing the number of available spaces?
A. We continue to follow Scottish Swimming guidance in relation to the commencement of an adapted learn to swim programme. Current restrictions mean that we can only safely accommodate a limited number of participants in the pool hall at any one time and time will be allocated to thoroughly disinfect all public areas in between sessions. We also don’t currently have access to community venues for swimming lessons. As such, we are only able to offer a significantly reduced programme however we will increase the capacity of the programme as soon as it is safe to do so in line with latest guidance.
Q. My child attended classes at a High School venue. Can you tell me when classes will resume at High School venues?
A. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a timeframe for when we can access community venues for swimming lessons. We will provide updates to customers who previously attended classes at community venues as soon as we have information to share.
Q. Will I be able to spectate during my child’s lessons?
A. One adult or carer is permitted to enter the building with a child or vulnerable person. Guardians and carers must wait on poolside during the lesson and will not have access to other areas of the facility.
Q. Will I be able to go for a swim whilst my child is in their swimming lesson?
A. As the full pool hall will be programmed for swimming lessons, unfortunately it won’t be possible for parents/guardians to swim alongside lessons.

Q. I had paid upfront for the April - June block of lessons which were subsequently cancelled. When I book for the October – December block, will my credit automatically be applied?
A. Credit for the cancelled April – June block will not automatically apply to your online account when booking for the October – December block. Please contact us at askus@activestirling.org.uk if you still have remaining credit.

Q. Can I view my child’s class using the Home Portal as was previously the case?
A. Yes, you can view your child’s class details and progress using the Home Portal although this may not be available until week 2 or 3 of the lessons.
Q. My child was progressing well through your programme but hasn’t been swimming since your pools closed. How will you know what class to put them in/what they need to work on?
A. Please book your child in at the level they were previously at. You can check this on the home portal. Our teachers understand that’s some kids may be apprehensive about returning to the water and are ready to build their confidence back up.
Q. My child liked the teacher they had before lockdown. They are nervous about coming back generally. Can you provide information on the name of the teacher taking each session in advance?
Unfortunately, you won’t know the teacher allocated to the class at the time of booking but please be assured that all of our teachers will provide a calm and supportive environment for the kids to come back to. However, if your child has any specific needs you think a teacher needs to be alerted to in advance then please email us at bookings@activestirling.org.uk and include the day and time of your child's booking.
Q. My child hasn’t been part of your swimming programme before but I want to book them in now. Can I do this?
A. Yes you would be able to book through our booking system but we would ask that you wait until the next block. Unfortunately, if you book into the wrong level we would be unable to change it because it is likely all spaces would be booked and no refund would be given.