I. PEAK Holiday club

When will The PEAK Holiday Club start?
The PEAK Holiday Club will return in Stage 6 of our Active Stirling Routemap. The reason this activity
is due to start in the latter stages of our routemap is this is when it will be safe and viable to do in
line with Scottish Government guidance as we have large numbers of attendance of young people at
the Holiday club and facility space will also be limited and used for other restricted activities. health
and safety reasons due to the large number of young people who attend the holiday clubs as a mass
gathering and additionally because facility space will be limited for other restricted activities. We
don’t unfortunately yet have a date for when PEAK Holiday Clubs will return however we will notify
customers nearer the time with further details.
What if I had already booked and paid for PEAK Holiday Clubs during 2020 such as Easter or
Summer that didn’t go ahead due to COVID-19?
The full value of your booking and payment has already been credited to your account and you can
use this credit for future Holiday Club bookings in the next 12 months.
If you need more information, please email bookings@activestirling.org.uk with the details of your
booking and we will happily go through the options with you.