C. Memberships

What happens to my pay monthly membership now?
ALL IN pay monthly memberships were automatically frozen when we stopped all programmes and
activities on 17 March 2020. ALL IN members have the option to either restart their membership
during Stage 1 on the initial reduced activity basis or to keep their membership frozen and pay as
they go for individual activities instead.
Memberships will stay frozen unless you specifically ask for it to be activated again. To unfreeze it
please click here
You can ask to unfreeze your membership from Monday 20 July 2020. Please note that this request
has to come from the main direct debit holder for your membership. We need a minimum of 3
working days to restart it.
I’ve decided to unfreeze my ALL IN membership. What activities can I do?
If you choose to unfreeze your membership, you can access Outdoor Exercise classes such as
Bodyweight Circuits, Cardio Fitness and TRX classes in Zone 4 on the outdoor pitches. Our indoor
fitness classes, gym and climbing wall are available from Stage 3 of our Routemap.

What about swimming and skating?
We expect swimming and skating to be added to the ALL IN membership package a bit later as set
out in our Routemap.

I’ve unfrozen my membership so I can book in for outdoor exercise classes. What if they don’t go
ahead due to the weather?
Unfortunately, we cannot predict the weather and the forecast is ever changing. We will do our very
best to make sure outdoor classes go ahead but where the weather conditions prove to be unsafe
or unworkable then unfortunately, we will have to cancel and try to reprovision an additional class
or activity at another time that you can take part in. Please see our terms and conditions for more
What membership types will be available to restart in Stage 1 of reopening?
Existing ALL IN single adult, joint and group memberships can be unfrozen. We expect that we can
offer Junior ALL IN memberships and general access for under 16s at Stage 2.

What about annual and other prepaid memberships?
Annual or prepaid memberships for over 16s can also restart on request and they will run for the rest
of the prepaid period.

Will you be offering new memberships?
Due to reduced occupancies and availability of activities, new memberships will not be sold in
Stage 1. We will start selling new memberships from Monday 31 August.

What if I choose to unfreeze my membership or use my prepaid membership and then I need to self
If you have to self-isolate after your membership has restarted please email
membershipsales@activestirling.org.uk and we will freeze it again for you.

What if I’m in a group or joint membership and I’m the only one who wants to unfreeze the
Requests to restart memberships must come from the direct debit holder however there are options
to temporarily change your membership to another package such as an ALL IN Single membership.
Please email membershipsales@activestirling.org.uk and our team can go through these options
with you.
What will happen to ALL IN memberships in the future?
We will automatically unfreeze current ALL IN memberships when we are able to offer you access to
gym, swim, fitness, skate, climb and play activities as before. We will advise you with a minimum of
one month’s notice before any memberships are restarted.

If I am on the Active Living For Life exercise referral scheme or follow on membership will I be able
to gain access?
Active Living For Life clients who have progressed through the twelve week scheme and have a
follow on membership will be able to restart their membership or pay as they go from Stage 1.
Clients who are in the scheme will not be able to restart until later for health & safety reasons in
Stage 4. We are hopeful that in Stage 3 live streaming supportive digital content can be developed
and available to clients who are in the twelve week scheme and there may be limited opportunities
for clients on the scheme who have lower risk conditions to attend during Stage 3. Any updates to
clients will be communicated in due course from the Active Living For Life instructor team.