A. How you can take part and stay safe

How can you reopen The PEAK and keep the risk of Covid-19 transmission low?
Firstly, The PEAK can’t operate as an entirely accessible facility.

We have 4 clearly marked Zones each with their own entry and exit door and these doors will only open 5 minutes before the activity starts. You won’t be able to move between zones from inside The PEAK.

Each activity will have a staggered start time. All activities must be pre booked online. You should only arrive 10 minutes before your prebooked activity starts then go straight to the clearly marked physically distanced relevant zone for your activity and wait outside for the doors to open – 5 minutes before the activity starts.

The main entrance will be closed, except for entry and exit to Zone 1 for the Gym.

There will be four zones in operation at The PEAK and we will introduce one zone at a time until all 4 are operational.
  • Four new separate zones established to keep each activity safe and physically distanced
  • Each zone has a separate clearly marked entrance and exit
  • Zones kept far apart to reduce viral transmission
  • Activity start times will be staggered
  • Deep clean and disinfection of the zone, area and equipment after each activity
  • Activity start times are specifically programmed with gaps to keep number of users on site at any one time to a minimum

  • Minimum 2m distancing between people in each zone
  • 3m distancing between people in fitness classes
  • Fitness and indoor cycling classes in larger ventilated sports hall and ice rink
  • 3 metre x 3 metre boxes clearly marked on sports hall floor for fitness classes
  • Gym equipment generously spaced out to avoid two people exercising ‘face-to-face’
  • Some gym machines removed so all equipment in main PEAK gym is safely spaced out
  • Other machines and gym equipment safely spaced out in Studio 1 and 2
  • All activities must be booked online and in advance so the number of people on site at any one time will be kept to a minimum

  • Deep clean and disinfection of the zone, area and equipment after each activity
  • Cleaning stations in the sports hall and ice rink
  • Increased number of cleaning stations in the gym areas
  • Users must clean each piece of equipment before and after use in the gym and studios
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout
  • Adjusted air circulation systems to reduce transmission risks
  • Team extensively trained on new operating systems, Covid-19 risks and management

What should I do if I have a safety concern?
If you have a concern before your visit you can email us at askus@activestirling.org.uk
If you have a concern during your visit, please alert a facility team member of staff but please keep at least 2m away from our team members if you want to speak to them. We might ask to follow this up with a phone call if we don’t have time to discuss the detail at that point.

Will I have to wear a face covering?
If you are not exempt from wearing a face covering you should wear one up to the point of exercise and again once exiting.

How will you support the Contact Tracing programme to identify people at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Contact tracing is a process for identifying people at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection because they‘ve been physically close enough to a person who has tested positive. All users must book an activity in advance and upon arrival their attendance shall be recorded. Should you test positive for COVID-19, contact tracers will call you and interview you in order for them to be able to get in touch with people you have been in close contact with, those individuals will be told to self-isolate for 14 days. Using our booking system records we will be able to identify all the individuals who attended each session and work with the contact tracer to ensure individuals are notified where required.