G. Curling

When will club curling start again?
Limited club curling will be available in the NCA from Monday 28 September and then expanded once the six-sheet rink opens for Curling on Monday 26 October.

Why is it limited?
We fully recognise and appreciate the recent disruption the closure of the ice has had on the Stirling Community and therefore for the first two weeks of opening from Monday 12 October to Sunday 25 October we plan to programme sessions for public skating and skating clubs to also coincide with the Stirling schools October holiday.

At what times will ice be available?
During stage 4 of our route map a limited number of sheets will be available in the NCA across the two evening sessions. As British Curling have returned to a programme of training, ice will be limited to weekday evenings only initially.

How does my club place an ice request?
We understand and appreciate the nervousness of our curling customers regarding returning to the facility. In order to add an element of flexibility for our clubs, curling ice bookings from Monday 28th September to Sunday 25 October will be made via our website. Clubs will be able to log in, view available ice and book and pay for sessions up to one week in advance.
From Monday 26 October club curling bookings will be made via our allocation process and we will be in contact with clubs shortly to provide further information on this.

How do I setup an account to allow me to book and pay for ice online?
Before you book any activity, you will need an online account. You’ll need to be a registered user to sign in and have your pin number.
If you haven’t booked anything with us before then you’ll need to register for free and create a new login.
Payment will be taken via card so we would advise that this process is completed by club treasurers who will have access to club funds. Each sheet must be booked and paid for at time of booking.
Please note that you are only able to book more than one sheet in a single transaction via the website and not the app and so long as it falls within that one week booking window.

How much does ice cost during stage 4 limited club curling in the NCA?
All evening sheets will be charged at the reduced cost of £75.00 per session during stage 4, for all clubs. Please note that there will be no additional discounts during this stage.

Will I have to wear a mask when curling?
We continue to follow Government guidance in relation to the use of face coverings. All curlers, similar to all our other customers, will be asked to wear masks during their time at the PEAK unless they are exempt from wearing a face covering. Specifically, we would ask that masks be worn upon entering the building, and whilst waiting to play. Masks do not however have to be worn when the player is on the ice, however coaches and volunteers should continue to wear at all times. Please also note that if British Curling athletes are present that they operate under a separate training protocol which is not comparable to club curling.

Will Active Stirling supply masks?
Customers should bring their own face coverings.

How will we enter and leave the building?
Depending on which ice rink you will be using, there will be different entrances and exits to use. This is to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. If you are curling in the NCA you will enter and exit through Zone a fire exit at the front of The PEAK (to the right of the staff entrance doors). If you are curling in the PEAK rink the entrance and exit is to the rear of the building in Zone 3. Please note there will be signs to show you where to go.

What if I am curling in the PEAK rink for example and then am due to curl next in the NCA. Can I go through the reception area to access the alternate space?
For your own safety it won’t be possible for you to move through the reception area between rinks. We have specific one way systems and zones in place to ensure the risk to our customers and staff are lowered so we would ask that you exit through the relevant door for that zone/area and re-enter the building via the entrance for the alternate zone. We will have clear signage in place to direct you.

How is track and trace information collected?
As per the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect system, we would like to remind each club of their responsibility to hold specific contact details for those attending sessions to be shared with Active Stirling to allow track and trace should it be deemed necessary.

Can I wear gloves when curling?
As per the Scottish Curling Guidance, if you must wear gloves for warmth, these should only be worn for curling activity. They should not be used before the start of each session and should be disinfected/washed after each session.

How do I clean my stone?
Scottish Curling guidance states that if a player requires to clean the bottom of a stone, this should only be carried out using their brush head, and not using their hand or glove.

Will ice technicians and other staff be wearing PPE?
All our team working at The PEAK will wear appropriate PPE and undergo extensive training on both our new operating procedures and COVID-19 risks and management.

How will you ensure that I can safely access the ice rink/NCA without coming into close proximity with other users?
We will be safely controlling access to all areas of The PEAK and facilitating social distancing using one-way systems, floor markings and increased signage. Each rink operates in isolation from other areas so you will not be passing through areas with users from other activities.

Does social distancing need to be adhered to whilst on the ice?
Yes – social distancing should always be adhered to in and outside the facility and taking part in activities in line with the latest government regulations.

Am I allowed to shake hands with my opponents before/after games?
When curling resumes there should be no shaking of hands at the beginning or end of games to make sure social distancing is adhered to.

Will there be any spectating allowed?
At the moment we cannot facilitate spectators at all at Stirling Sports Village unless supervising children or vulnerable adults.

Will the restaurant be open for food and drink provision before/after sessions?
There will be the opportunity to purchase food/beverages from inside The PEAK.

Will there be hand sanitiser available in the ice rink/NCA?
Yes – additional hand sanitiser and wipes will be available in both rinks to facilitate the enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures in place.

Will I be able to use changing rooms/lockers at the facility?
Players are advised to arrive changed and ready to play as much as possible, and systems will be in place to manage the changing of footwear prior to sessions.

Will there be any restrictions on toilet facility provision and will there be enhanced cleaning provision in toilet facilities?
Appropriate toilet facilities will be provided in proximity to both rinks and enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures will be in place.

Will I be able to use a brush/stick or delivery aid from the facility or will I have to bring/purchase my own?
Brushes and delivery aids will still be available for use; however there will be systems in place to manage the distribution and return of equipment. Items must be sanitised after each individual use.

How will you maintain the hygiene of the stones and other equipment?
Additional cleaning equipment will be available within each rink for curlers to sanitise stones and equipment. Stones will be cleaned in between games by staff.

Will every sheet be in use at the same time?
Current guidance states that we are able to have 30 curlers on the ice at any time. We must assume a maximum of 8 curlers per sheet which means when we reopen, unless Government guidance changes, we can only have a maximum of 3 sheets operational at any one time on either the PEAK or NCA rink. We will be monitoring this closely however and should the guidance be relaxed we will review and communicate this to all clubs. Social distancing must be adhered both on and off the ice and there will be systems in place to facilitate this.

Will there be a limit to the number of curlers allowed per sheet?
Normal playing numbers will continue however social distancing guidelines must be adhered to both on and off the ice. Only 1 sweeper will be permitted at a time to facilitate social distancing.

Will the number of sweepers be reduced to allow social distancing measures to be adhered to?
Only 1 sweeper per stone will be permitted at a time to facilitate social distancing.

I need assistance to get on and off the ice and whilst curling. Can I still curl whilst social distancing is in place?
Household members or carers of wheelchair curlers can attend and provide buddying where required. If no household member or carer is available, alternative methods can be used to stop the chair moving during delivery if they are safe e.g. stones placed behind the chair or a brush can be placed behind the back wheels of a player.

Can I cancel my session or hand back ice at short notice if we don’t have enough players?
Please e-mail any cancellation requests or handing ice back to bookings@activestirling.org.uk and we’ll happy to discuss this with you.