L. Climbing Wall
For Single Members/Registered Climbers

How can I book on the climbing wall?
The climbing wall will be available to book via the ‘PEAK ALL IN APP’ for single members and registered adult climbers only who have a valid registered climbing subscription on the system. This function will be available through the ‘Book Facility Space’ tile on the App and sessions will be for 60 minutes only in line with COVID 19 Guidelines. Sessions will be limited to five climbers per session who will have access to auto belay lines only.

I am a Registered Climber but it’s not allowing me to book?
Climbing subscriptions are valid for 12 months on our system and are updated as part of the competency test procedure. Due the closure period, some subscriptions will have expired which prevents the ability to book a climbing session in line with our safety procedures. We have set up an online solution to the competency test and contacted all registered climbers who require the additional competency check to validate their subscription and allow them to book a session. Once the test is completed, returned and passed, the climbing subscription will be added to your account allowing future bookings.

I haven’t received the online competency test to validate my subscription?
The form can be requested by emailing us at askus@activestirling.org.uk

What can I expect on arriving for my session?
Arrive as close to the start time of your session as possible. You will access the wall through the main entrance where you will be checked in by a member of staff. Once you are in your session if you need to leave early you will not be able to re-enter the building. If you are late you will not be able to enter.

What routes will be available?
We will have five auto belay lines available with three routes on each line. These will have a range of challenges from easy to difficult so there should be a good range for most climbers. Please check the Griptonite app for available routes and grades.

Can I hire equipment for climbing?
There will be no equipment available for hire so climbers will need to bring their own harness and appropriate climbing footwear.

What additional COVID 19 cleaning and hygiene measures are in place for Climbing?
Along with reduced numbers in each session, climbers will be asked to maintain social distancing upon access to the wall, hand sanitiser will be available for use before during and after the session.

Where can I store my belongings?
Climbers are encouraged to attend ‘ready to climb’ apart from footwear which can be changed within the wall. There will be space to leave outside footwear and personal belongings within the wall, please bring as little as possible.

Will the holds be cleaned between sessions?
It is not reasonably practical to clean the Wall, Auto belays and Ropes between sessions. Our mitigating measures are that users sanitise their hands before, between and after climbs.

When can my kids get back to using the wall?
Active Stirling instructor led sessions will recommence at phase 4 of the Active Stirling route map.

Can I bring a novice climber to the wall?
We have not currently set a date for when competent Climbers are able to sign in novices. We will update this as things change.

Can I top rope or lead climb?
The wall is initially only open for Auto belay use. We will let customers know when this changes.

Liquid Chalk
There is a great deal of talk about the value of liquid chalk. We do not believe that there will be agreed proof that liquid chalk is an appropriate way to sanitise hands. Various manufacturers have liquid chalk products with above 70% alcohol content. Due to the way chalk is applied by a climber (before not after a climb) it should not replace hand washing/sanitising. If a customer wishes to use liquid chalk the ABC can find no evidence that it will increase any risk of COVID 19 transmission. Whether it will reduce transmission is still unproven.