Swim lessons - bookings open Monday 19 October, 12.00pm

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re able to provide some group Learn to Swim lessons from Monday 26 October. Bookings will open at 12.00pm on Monday 19 October and the block will run from Monday 26 October until Sunday 20 December – a total of 8 weeks.
How to book
You’ll be able to see the available lesson times on your online booking account from 12.00pm on Monday 19 October (please note these are not available through the Active Stirling app).
Each swimmer must have their own unique online account
The swimmer must have a registered online account in their own name to book and children’s lessons cannot be booked through an adult’s account. You can request a new pin or login details or sign up for a new account on our website.
If you are trying to book a combined adult and child class - this can be booked in the adult’s name.
Limited availability
Unfortunately we currently don’t have access to the High School swimming pools, so we can’t offer the same number of lessons as we did before the Covid-19 outbreak.
For this reason, we are running this 8-week block as a completely separate and stand-alone block, outside of our previous learn to swim programme, so they are on a first-come-first-serve basis. When we’re able to use all pools, we’ll follow the same process for allocating lessons as we did before to the Covid-19 shutdown and priority will be given to swimmers who were attending lessons with us prior to the Covid outbreak.
More information will follow around the safety requirements and access arrangement for swimming lessons but for now we wanted to give you time to prepare online booking accounts and to check your child’s swim level if required.
With thanks
The Active Stirling swimming team