New indoor bikes coming to studio 2 in The PEAK

New indoor bikes coming to studio 2 in The PEAK

We’ve an exciting update - from Monday 20 November we will have brand new indoor bikes in studio 2 at The PEAK and a whole new class experience!

You can see the new bike in action here -

Why are we changing bikes?
You might know that we’ve had the current group exercise bikes for some time now and they’re nearing the end of their life cycle. We’ve trialled many styles of bike and gathered feedback from members and Instructors. This helped inform the choice of new bikes which reflected not only continuity but also enhanced your experience.

We considered several factors including the overall aim to bring the studio experience to the next level, and combine the latest technology with high quality bike design.

About the new bikes
We’ve chosen Life Fitness ICG 6 as our new bikes and we’re excited by the many features and benefits the new ergonomic bikes bring, including a real road bike feel and sturdy frame for strength and stability.

Changeover – key dates
- Studio 2 closed and no classes from 10.00am on Sunday 12 November through to Sunday 19 November
- Studio 2 re-design starts Monday 13 November with new flooring, painting, bike installation and training.
- Studio 2 re opens for classes with new bikes Monday 20 November.
- Book in for studio 2 classes on Monday 13 November for the following Monday 20 November.

We do appreciate this is a huge inconvenience at this time of year but hope you understand that the current bikes are in need of upgrade and replacement. The new flooring will be laid from 12 November and the new bikes will be delivered on Friday 17 November which leaves a couple of days for instructor training before re-opening on Monday 20 November.

Here are some exciting benefits of the new bikes

- MYRIDE WORLDVIEW – enhances workouts with footage from over 500 unique locations from around the world from the Italian Alps to road trails in California projected in the studio. Each film is five minutes long, and filtered by terrain, descent, flat, mixed and climb, so we can build various trail playlists to suit entertainment and training needs and the option to project your efforts in the class and route as we go!. Ride free of any distraction and get immersed in the stunning view ahead!

- If you’re aged 14 years or above, you will now be able to take part in Velocity classes.

- You can take a fitness test to identify your own training level, so that each time you attend a class and connect your phone to the bike, you will train at your own specific level.

- The fly wheel is at the back of the bike as with the previous Keiser bikes, with a similar framework and gear changing device,so it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to them.

- Instructors will give you instant feedback on heart rate and training zones using the Innovative Coach by Colour feature with real time workload zone results.

- Instructors will use the tablet on their bike to see member information and training zone so they can adjust and encourage the class to suit.

- The new bikes are more reliable and robust than before with a comprehensive and trusted maintenance and service package for all IC6 bikes through their life cycle.

- The ICG bikes will do exactly what the Keiser bikes do just now as well as a lot more to create an engaging and modern feel to the classes.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new bikes and enjoy the new experiences they will bring and we look forward to getting your feedback once they arrive in studio 2. In the meantime thank you for your patience and ongoing support especially with the disruption of having to close studio 2 and cancel classes to allow us to make this change happen.

Watch the bike in action here!