Increase In Opportunities For Young People As Active Schools Programme Continues To Grow

The Active Schools programme across Stirling continues to grow; with the latest figures for August-December 2018 revealing an increase in the opportunities available to all of Stirling’s schools.

 The Active Schools programme is a SportScotland initiative which aims to provide more and higher quality opportunities for young people to take part in sport and physical activity before school, during lunchtime and after school, and to develop effective pathways between schools and sports clubs in the local community.
The number of extra-curricular sessions within the reporting period has increased by 14% to 4,135 sessions being delivered across all primary and secondary schools. The number of pupils attending has also had a positive increase, with a 20% increase compared to figures from 12 months ago. 84,016 participant sessions were recorded for the period, with 6,119 distinct pupils from the school role attending extra-curricular clubs that link to sport and physical activity. 
In order to deliver free and inclusive programmes, the team of Active Schools Co-ordinators from Active Stirling work with a large volunteer base of 484 individuals who give up time in order for opportunities to be made available. Within this figure, the team also support the delivery of sports leadership programmes in all seven secondary schools, with 220 young people assisting the local delivery. 
Colin Naismith, Active Stirling Active Schools Manager said “It's great to see that more young people than ever are taking part in physical activity and sport sessions before school, at lunchtime and after school. A big thank you goes to the volunteer workforce that works tirelessly to provide these opportunities, alongside the network of local affiliated sports clubs that provide a pathway into community activities”.
For more information on the Active Schools programme across Stirling, please contact Active Stirling’s Active Schools Manager, Colin Naismith on