The swimming pools at The PEAK open for public swimming and club swimming on Monday 12 October.  All swimming sessions must be pre booked in advance using the Active Stirling online booking service or on the App.
Bookings open online or through the app on Friday 9 October at 4.00pm for swim sessions which start on Monday 12 October.  Bookings can only be made up to 7 days in advance.
Main pool
  • 1 hour sessions of lane swimming - prebook fast, medium or slow lanes
  • Lanes are double the normal size, maximum of four people per lane per session for social distancing
  • Lane swimming is for competent swimmers aged 8yrs+
  • Pool hoist access is only available in the slow lane
  • Medium lane does not have ladder access
Teaching and confidence pools
  • Available for families or groups to hire, so they can swim together
  • A maximum of 5 people inclusive of children and babies per booking 
  • Teaching pool hire includes a third of the teaching pool and also allows access to the confidence pool
  • The water features and slide within the confidence pool will not be operational in line with guidelines advised by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG)
  • Social distancing must be observed in the confidence pool where applicable.  
  • Groups must comply with the adult:child swimming ratio
  • Only two of the three sections of the teaching pool have ladder access.
Please note you are not allowed to move between the main pool and the smaller pools; these are two separate spaces which are booked separately.
Adult:child ratio
  • Adults aged 16 years+ can accompany up to 2 children if one of the children is aged 3 or under
  • Adults aged 16 years+ can accompany 3 children aged between 4 and 7
  • If a child can’t support themselves in an upright position e.g. by wearing armbands then the adult supervision ratio must be reduced to 1:1. This will apply particularly with new-born babies
Main pool lane swimming is included free in your ALL IN Membership if you’ve chosen to unfreeze it. Or pay as you go lane swimming is £5.00 adult, £3.50 junior.
Teaching pool family swim space hire is included free in your ALL IN Membership if you have chosen to unfreeze or £10 pay as you go for one family swim booking in the teaching pool.
Customers must pre book swimming sessions in advance using the Active Stirling online booking service or on the Active Stirling App under ‘book a session or facility space’.  Online bookings open for swimming on Friday 9 October at 4.10pm.
You can only book for yourself. If you want to book another person in they would have to have their own online booking account.
Before you visit
  • Swim sessions must be pre booked online or on the App
  • Minimal changing time, arrive ready to change quickly
  • Please don’t book the main pool and teaching pool at the same time, so we can allow more people to get back to swimming
When you visit
  • Arrive at The PEAK main entrance (Zone 1) 5 minutes before your session
  • No late entry, doors close at the start of the session
  • Wait for a PEAK team member to open the main door and check you in
  • Please wear a mask up until the point you are going from the changing village to the pool hall and once again when leaving the facility
  • Every second cubicle will be unlocked and available to use each session. Lockers are not available. A member of staff will lock your cubicle once you are ready to go to poolside and unlock it again for you when you are finished your swim.
  • Only the pre swim showers will be available for customers to quickly ‘rinse off’ before and after their swim
  • Not all lanes or sections have ladder access
  • Each session lasts 1 hour, this includes showering and changing time
  • All customers must be out the pool at least 5 minutes before the end of the session to ensure they have time to quickly dress
  • No floats or other equipment can be given out in the pool at the moment

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