Indoor fitness classes will take place in Zone 2, in the large well-ventilated sports hall at The PEAK.  The entrance for Zone 2 is at the back of the building and you should follow the signage outside to go to that zone. Please make sure you arrive at the zone entrance no later than 5 minutes before your session starts.  But equally don’t come too early so we can keep the number of people at The PEAK to a minimum.
Once the session starts, the zone doors are closed so we won’t be able to admit anyone who arrives late.
The sports hall will have 3m boxes clearly marked on the floor for physical distancing. You’ll be directed to your exercise space once you get into the hall.
The choice of classes have been carefully selected based on Covid-19 physical activity research and activities with lower transmission risks.
Classes available will include popular Les Mills classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat in addition to mind and body classes such as Yoga and Pilates
All indoor classes must be pre booked online before you visit.  Each session lasts up to 45 minutes and costs £5.00 per person or are included as part of an adult ALL IN membership if you have chosen to restart yours.
Indoor classes in the PEAK sports hall will have places for up to 30 people They will run from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm Saturdays and 8am to 7pm Sundays with a minimum of 30 minutes in between for cleaning.
You will be able to see available classes through your online account.

After each programmed class we will deep clean and disinfect the zone, area, all equipment and mats.
We’ve adjusted the air circulation to reduce the transmission risks.
Our fitness instructors will be available during the session to help you with anything. They’ll keep their physical distance and have daily temperature checks before starting work. 

Our team will be fully trained on Covid-19 risks and management.