Fitness Facts

Fitness factsWe are all bombarded with fitness tips and facts these days whether it's on television, in magazines, on the internet or one of your friends or colleagues at work who always seem to know everything! Well, we thought that we would start from the beginning and cover some of the basics for you and go through some of the common terms you may have heard but never really fully understood.

We will update the information on this page regularly, bringing you advice on a whole range of interesting health and fitness issues and topics.

WARM UP, you must prepare your body for a workout. A suitable warm up should include exercises that gently raise the heart rate and warm the body. Try exercises that increase the mobility around joints.

AEROBIC means with air. Exercises that are at a moderate pace and can be performed for long periods of time without rest such as distance running.

ANAEROBIC exercises are fast paced. Short bursts of activity at a high intensity. Weight lifting is an anaerobic activity.

COOL DOWN is a very important part of any workout. This is where you return the body gradually to the pre-exercise state. Take time to reduce the heart rate and stretch off the muscles.

Current exercise recommendations encourage people to do some moderate exercise for 30 mins every day. We would encourage you, regardless of your fitness level to vary the types of activities you do.

Here are examples of activity you can build into your lifestyle: go to the gym, group fitness classes, swimming, housework, walking, and gardening.