We are continually looking for good people at Active Stirling, those with a can do attitude and whose glass is never half empty.

We need people who can deliver great customer service and who get satisfaction from doing a great job rather than just a good one.

Do you want to be part of our team and deliver great service?

Application Process

  • Read the appropriate job advert below
  • Read the appropriate job description below
  • Click on the apply button within the advert which will take you to the automated application process. The process includes questions on key characteristics relevant for the role to ensure we get the right people in the right job
  • After the closing date, we will be in touch with you by email to let you know the outcome of your application

AS336 - Advert - Swimming Teachers
AS336 - Job description - Swimming Teachers

AS220 - Advert - Gymnastics Coaches
AS220 - Job description - Gymnastics Coaches

AS219 - Advert - Trampoline Coaches
AS219 - Job description - Trampoline Coaches

AS413 - Advert - Bookings Support Assistant
AS413 - Job description - Bookings Support Assistant

AS414 - Advert - Receptionist
AS414 - Job description - Receptionist