Climbing Wall FAQs

What is the minimum age to use the wall? 
There is no minimum age but for timetabled courses there are age restrictions, please see the climbing wall timetable for details.
Are there any other restrictions on using the wall? 
Adult competent registered climbers can sign in up to a max 2 novice climbers onto the wall.
The minimum age for competent registration climber is currently 16 years old.
Juniors are classed as Novice climbers and must be accompanied by a competent registered adult or be part of an instructed group.


What is the minimum height to use the wall?
There is no minimum height - you just need to fit into a harness.


What is an Auto Belay?
It's a device that automatically lowers when you get to the top of the wall or if you fall off.

Do I need a partner to climb?

No: The Auto belay allows you to climb without someone belaying you.

But there are top ropes for traditional belaying.

I don't have any climbing kit, do I need it?
You need a harness and climbing shoes. If you are belaying each other, then you need a belay device and HMS karabiner (these are all available to hire).


Are there changing facilities?
There are changing rooms with lockers (A £1 coin is needed (refundable))


Can I have a shower after?
Yes, there are showers in the changing rooms.


Is there parking at the peak and is it free?
Yes, there is plenty of parking (unless there is a football match on at Forthbank Stadium) and it is free.


Can I book online?

Not at the current moment in time.


Can I get private or group lessons?
Yes/ We charge £25 per hour, per instructor + appropriate wall entry fees.
Instructors work on a 1:6 ratio as a maximum


I'm scared of heights, will this help me conquer my fear?
If you want to conquer your fear, this is a great starting point.